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2025-06-20 12:38 am

♔ I went to the woods because...

THIS JOURNAL will be used for...

Occasional commenting in the [ profile] polychromatic game in lieu of [ profile] had_not_lived, due to age-curses &c, to avoid having to change userpics, because I am lazy.
AU play of Neil Perry in other games and venues as the player sees fit
Assorted private RP that doesn't fit anywhere else.
Fic snippets (maybe) if I feel brave, so I don't clutter other places with them. idk

CREDITS AND Disclaimer...

I am not srsly Neil Perry, nor am I Robert Sean Leonard, nor do I own any of the poets or poems or other stuff that is clearly not mine that might come up in the course of playing, Walt Whitman or misquoted Thoreau or Shakespeare, etc. etc. Dead Poets Society is an awesome movie but I don't own that either. This is a roleplaying journal, entirely a work of fiction, and I am not making any money.

This journal is maintained by Alms, who is also the player of [ profile] had_not_lived. Anyone who needs to contact me can do so through the crit/contact posts on that journal, or via email at tygrei [at] aol [dot] com

Journal layout created by [ profile] milou_veronica, with a thousand thanks, modified by me

Icons are mine~ I don't mind if you use them but I'd be much obliged if you'd credit me-- and if you don't mind, drop me a comment here to let me know :3

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2009-06-22 01:51 am
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